Tips for Unclogging a Toilet without a Plunger

A toilet plunger is a staple household tool. However, if you don’t have a toilet plunger and your toilet is clogged, all hope isn’t lost. There are ways to clear a shallow clog without this tool.

Follow these tips from the team at Gilbert Premier Plumbing & Drain:

Step 1 – Turn Off the Water to the Toilet

Before you do anything else, you want to stop the water from flowing into the toilet. You can do this by removing the tank’s lid and raising the float. This stops the water immediately, but you’re not done. Next, you want to shut the water off coming into the toilet. You’ll do this by locating the shut-off valve near the toilet’s base.

Step 2 – Pour Hot Water into the Toilet

This step should only be done if the water in the toilet hasn’t risen to a high level. If there’s too much water in the toilet, you need to remove the excess water. Do this using a cup or bucket. Once the water level is fairly low, warm up several cups of hot water. Do not boil the water because this can damage plastic pipes. Slowly, pour the cups of water in a little at a time and wait to see if the hot water breaks up the clog.

Step 3 – Use Surfactants

A surfactant is bar soap, dish soap, or shampoo. It’s another option for clearing clogs when hot water doesn’t work. For this to work, you want to squirt a good amount of soap into the toilet. If you’re using bar soap, break up the bar into small bits. Next, repeat the hot water method. The idea is that the soap will lubricate the clog and help it slide through the pipe.

Step 4 – Use a Wire Hanger

When the above methods don’t work, head to your closet and grab a wire hanger. Some people have success moving clogs using a wire hanger. The hanger acts similar to a drain snake. However, we do caution people to be careful using wire hangers. They can scratch up the bowl and leave behind unsightly marks.

Step 5 – Turn the Water Back On

Once you’re able to clear the clog enough for water to move freely through the drain, turn the water supply to the toilet back on. If you used surfactants to remove the the clog, you should flush the toilet several times in a row to make sure all the residue is washed away.

Plungers can clear most shallow toilet clogs, but sometimes even a plunger isn’t enough. So, while your home should have a toilet plunger, you should also know who to call for professional drain cleaning in Gilbert, AZ. When you’re stuck with a stubborn clog, call Gilbert Premier Plumbing & Drain 24/7!

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