Clogged Drains Are No Match for Our Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services in Gilbert, AZ

Clogged drains are messy and annoying! Stop wasting your time trying to fix a clogged sink or toilet. If you have stubborn drain clogs, call the pros at Gilbert Premier Plumbing & Drain. Our sewer and drain cleaning services in Gilbert make your drainage problems disappear.

Sewer and Drain Clogs

Do you know the difference between a sewer clog and a drain clog? You might think they’re the sae thing, but they aren’t and each one uses different drain cleaning methods.

Regular drain clogs usually only affect one drain at a time. For example, the toilet in your master bathroom might clog regularly, but all the other drains release water without any problems. Many regular drain clogs can be fixed using a plunger or drain snake. In cases where the clog is past the drain trap, you’ll need professional snaking services.

Sewer clogs affect multiple drains at once. You might notice that several sinks in your home aren’t draining well. When you flush the toilet, you might hear the shower drain gurgle or water starts to bubble up from the drain. A clogged sewer needs hydro-jetting to clear the line. This drain cleaning method uses pressurized water to scour the inside of the pipe and to clean out the pipe.

Annual Drain Cleaning Saves You Money

Yearly drain cleaning services from your local plumbing company in Gilbert, AZ, also save you the frustration of dealing with the consequences of stopped-up drains. When pipes clog, there’s a greater chance of flooding and water damage. It doesn’t take much for a large blockage in interior pipes to cause a toilet to backup and start overflowing. Severe blockages in sewer pipes can cause raw sewage to back up into floor drains following a heavy rainfall. When you schedule yearly drain cleaning service, you get peace of mind that your drainage system is working as it should.

We also recommend scheduling a sewer inspection each year. This service is done using a video camera that’s threaded through the sewer pipe. The camera delivers real-time images of the sewer pipe’s interior and can immediately tell you the condition of your sewer pipe. Problems like calcification, tree root intrusion, and corrosion are all situations that can cause your drains to back up suddenly. Knowing the condition of your sewer pipes can help you head off these problems and get repairs before any backup occurs.

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If you’ve been dealing with drainage issues, don’t wait any longer to get professional plumbing services. You don’t have to live with clogged drains. Call us today to schedule a service call with one of our licensed drain cleaning contractors.