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When it is obvious that you require garbage disposal repair and installation in Gilbert, Arizona, you need to hire a plumbing professional who is certified, have years of experience, and a track record of high-quality work. This is why Gilbert Premier Plumbing & Drain is an excellent choice. We understand that you rely on your disposal to work without fail and when it does break down, you don’t want to have to wait days for service. Our same day service and guaranteed service can have your appliance working again in no time at all.

Effective and Quick Garbage Disposal Repair

The disposal in your kitchen is outfitted with a robust motor that is designed to pulverize food waste so it can easily be washed down the drain and into your home’s sewer system. Unfortunately, the process can be interrupted either because of a clogged drain, a broken blade, or a damaged motor. The result when your disposal can’t do its job properly is a stinky, gross mess left behind for you to clean up, and the inability to use your disposal.

From immovable flywheels and damaged motors to something as seemingly straightforward as bad odors coming from your disposal, our expert plumbers will always work hard to figure out exactly what the problem is that is preventing you from using your disposal. Our local plumbing service is always precise and there isn’t a challenge that our plumbers aren’t able to tackle.

Do these Garbage Disposal Problems Sound Familiar?

There are many reasons why a disposal may stop working, but usually the problem is some type of blockage that is preventing the blades from moving or the water from draining out of the sink. Blockages can be caused by food peels, potato skins (the starch turns into a thick paste and prevent the blades from turning), grease or cooking oil that has hardened as it cooled, and even foreign objects that never below in a disposal like coins, plastic trash bag ties, and wrappers. Many times you can remove the obstruction on your own, but, if it is not easily removed using a wrench or pair of pliers, we suggest that you call for professional assistance.

Calling for help is always recommended in most cases as it is because we don’t want you to waste your time and expend energy fixing a problem that doesn’t exist. It’s possible the blades are not obstructed, but that the motor is bad. This is something that our experienced plumbers can determine quickly.

So, whether you need garbage disposal repair or installation or even toilet repair, give us a call and let our adept and skilled plumbing contractors take care of the problem for you. Day or night, we’re here for you.